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Innovate collectively.

Innovation within a company benefits from diverse input and creativity. Kimbie is an easy-to-use idea management tool that harnesses the collective intelligence of your team and transparently tracks your progress through the innovation process.

idea generation

Support and engage a pool of ideators, from technicians to administrators.

A streamlined
ideation process

Where do you take that raw idea scribbled down on a napkin? Kimbie helps your team understand the ideation process and increases transparency of progress from idea to product.


You have a team of experts – that’s why you hired them. Avoid expensive third parties to answer problems that your employees could solve better.

Unlock Strategic

Only 1 in 10 ideas might be worth pursuing - so better fail fast than fail slow. Kimbie enables your team’s collective intelligence to select ideas that drive your company goals.


Manage your innovation process

  • Encourage your employees to submit their latest ideas.
  • Collectively iterate and vote on submitted ideas.
  • Track and manage ideas as they progress from concept to prototype to product.

Track what matters

  • Get an overview of the idea pool and projects in the pipeline at any given time.
  • See how employees are engaged: not only the projects their a part of, but the tasks they’ve been assigned.
  • Receive reports on distribution of working hours for each project and employee.

Packed with additional features and functionality


Everybody has the opportunity to comment on new ideas with valuable experiential and technical insights.

Idea rating

After its initial review, you can select the employees responsible for rating the idea.

Time tracking

Keep track of the time project teams spend developing their idea and download reports for individual projects and employees.

Slack integration

Call attention to and recognize your employee’s ideas with push notifications to your company’s Slack channel.

Our 5 steps to innovation


Support idea generation among employees; then, collectively evaluate and rate ideas that have been formalized. Ideas that are aligned with company goals are consequently assigned a team to take the idea forward.


Gain insights from the target audience, the underlying technology, and the solutions already on the market. This information will inform your decision as to what solution to pursue and why.


Based on the insights you made, create a demo version of the product to test with potential users. This testing will help define subsequent iterations on the solution.

Minimun Viable Product (MVP)

Once you confirm your solution accurately addresses the needs of the target audience, the outcome will be a product that is practically ready for the market.


Lastly, you’ll make informed decisions about how to actually get your product onto the devices or into the hands of customers.

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